Rev. Jeff Canter


I was born and raised in the Sewickley PA area. I was baptized Roman Catholic (on my mother’s side) but migrated to the Presbyterian church in my teenage years and, much later, found my solid footing as a United Methodist.

I graduated high school from Sewickley Academy in 1977. After high school I worked & attended college part-time, eventually receiving a BS in Management from Robert Morris University. Along the way I enjoyed multiple professional career paths, from hospitality management to software development to management consulting.

My wife Kathy and I were married three years after completing high school; we have been together for nearly 38 years. We are blessed with three grown children, each of whom has created a successful career of their own. We are both looking forward to grandchildren one day.

I felt God’s call to ministry at numerous times in my life, but finally responded in 2013. I completed Local Pastor Licensing School in August 2013 and received my first appointment to Harrisville United Methodist Church in July 2014 before being appointed to the Youngsville Charge of WPAUMC.

God has generously blessed me throughout my life, even when I didn’t understand or recognize God’s grace as such. One of those blessings has been, as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12, a gift of discernment. This gift has allowed me to remain keenly self-aware, practicing a rigorous form of self-honesty. The humility that comes from such self-awareness has helped me to be better able to relate to others, particularly concerning faith and the role it must play in our ultimate peace and serenity.

I feel that God has called me to put this gift to use, not only in ministry to those who already believe, but to offer a positive, attraction-based example to those struggling with the question of faith in their lives.